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Logos Bound

Logos Bound

Due to its origin in the programming environment this page contains articles in English as well as in German! The corresponding language is indicated in the title of the menue item or is obvious from the text.

Diese Seite ist im Umfeld der Programmierung entstanden und enthält deshalb Artikel in englischer Sprache und andere Artikel in deutscher Sprache. Die jeweilige Sprache geht entweder unmittelbar hervor aus dem Text oder wird explizit angegeben.

The name of this Web site corresponds to a specific term in the Lambda Calculus. The latter was invented by Alonzo Church, a U.S. mathematician, who has formulated his ideas already in 1940. The Lambda Calculus can be considered a theoretical foundation of computer science.

In this logical system, there are two kinds of variables: those that are 'lambda bound' and others that are 'free'. A variable is considered to be 'lambda bound' if it appears in the list of parameters of the lambda abstraction in which it is used.

More details on the Lambda Calculus can be found at

Beyond this immediate association of this site's name to the Lambda Calculus, 'lambda bound' means more to the author of this document.

The Greek letter lambda can be taken as a symbol for the following:


The following paragraph introduces the term 'Logos' as used in the gospels and in ancient greek philosophy.

λ stands for the Logos by whom everything was made according to the New Testament of the Bible:

εν αρχη ην ο λογος

"In the beginning was the Logos, the Logos was with God and the Logos was God. ... Through him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through him...". (John 1,1 ff).

"Im Ursprung war der Logos, und der Logos war bei Gott, und Gott war der Logos. ... Alles ist durch Ihn geworden, und ohne Ihn ward nichts, auch nicht ein einzig geworden Ding." (Joh 1,1 ff)

The Greek word Logos is usually translated to Word in English language bibles. The meaning of the Greek word Logos is much more thrilling and richer however, getting its meaning from contemporary Greek philosophy. In that context Logos means something similiar to 'Divine Reason'. The evangelist John, the author of the fourth gospel, used the word Logos on purpose in the context of the Greek culture in his time. It is a term that cannot easily be translated into a single word in our present day languages.

Meaning of the word Logos in Ancient Greek Philosophy

The following information is a summary of the article titled 'Logos' by Glenn R. Murrow published in the Dictionary of Philosophy, by Littlefield, Adams & Co. Patterson New Jersey, 1963.

Book Lambda

The Greek philosopher Aristotle numbered his books by using letters of the Greek alphabet. Book λ is the book about the "Unmoved Mover" about the "First Mover" about the "First Cause", about the Eternal Being. Book λ constitutes the crowning achievement of Aristotle's metaphysics. See also OntoSimula, which is a computer simulation of the core of Thomistic Metaphysics, which in turn builds on Aristotle's Metaphysics.

Lambda Abstraction

The symbol λ also stands for "lambda abstraction", the basic operation in the Lambda Calculus.

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